PJ Cage


PJ Cage 👽

•21 años • 4to Año

• Major: Producción de TV

• Minor: Actuación de Teatro

Straight Edge Punk Rocker • Huge Pro Wrestling Fan • Videographer • Beauty Lover/Freelance Makeup Artist • Total Geek • Kind of a Weirdo • Artistic • Looks Spooky but is really Nice •


Camila Iselle


Camila Iselle, 22. Estudios Internacionales.

“Me hace feliz estar rodeada de mis amigos, familia, música y libros. Me encanta viajar y conocer el mundo, conocer países nuevos y culturas antiguas. También tengo una apreciación inmensa para las artes y la fotografía.”

Malisha Riboul


Malisha Riboul, 17. Producción digital en cine.

“It’s only when I cut my hair that I decided that I wanted a new closet and I started to experiment with my clothing and style. My style is not concrete so its always changing, fluid. Clothes bring me happiness, confidence and bit of my self esteem back and I dont dress for anyone but myself. In a perfect world I would have all the money I need for clothes”

Natalia M. Alicea


Natalia M. Alicea, 22. Publicidad.

“I like referring to myself as “the walking fandom encyclopedia”. Tv shows are my life, they make me immensely happy and they define who I am as a person. I always try to be happy so others around me can feel that energy and be happy as well and I try my best to always be around to help when needed.”

Trabajo Final: Informática en la Prensa y Periodismo.


{Photo by me}

Para nuestro trabajo final escogimos como tema el uso de la Informática en la Prensa y Periodismo. Entrevistamos a varios expertos en este campo los cuales estuvieron muy dispuestos en informarnos y ser parte de nuestras entrevistas. Como parte de nuestras entrevistas contactamos a las siguientes personas:

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Irina Hernández, 21, Relaciones Internacionales.


“I love memes. I pretty much grew up with all kinds of humors so I rarely get offended about anything. When people started to call me ‘The Meme Queen’ it honestly caught me by surprise because, literally, I just only share stuff on Facebook that make me laugh and it’s also in my nature to somehow make people happy so that’s why I share memes all the time. Hell, if it weren’t for the memes I wouldn’t have met the wonderful people I hang out with in Sagrado so that makes me really happy.”